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Finding Your Writing Community

What Does Writing Have to Do with Healing? Everything.

The past two years have been intense for all of us, on many levels. Some of us went through crushing losses and some of us found a newly discovered freedom during this crazy time. But what I’ve really noticed during the pandemic is that almost everyone has gone through some kind of healing.

Healing doesn’t come in only one form, and it can show up in different ways that can be surprising, to say the least. For people who are Highly Sensitive, and creative, healing tends to manifest in a pull toward artistic self-expression. For many of us, that means that after years of feeling creatively stagnant, suddenly we’re journaling again, or painting again, or writing poetry again. Continue Reading

Being Weird Is a Good Thing. It’s Time to Embrace Yourself as a Writer.

All my life I’ve been attracted to weird things. And all my life I’ve been very much aware that other people think I’m weird for being attracted to those weird things. Sometimes it’s that I can’t help but be drawn in by all the different facets of human darkness. Sometimes it’s that I get interested in a subject that seems complicated and obscure, and extremely boring, to others. But whatever my latest passion is at the moment I can be sure that it’s not something that a whole lot of other people understand. Continue Reading