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The INFJ Writer


After years of coaching writers who struggled with procrastination issues, high sensitivity to criticism, and crippling self doubt, I realized that almost every one of my clients was an INFJ or INFP.


I used the insights I gained from these clients—as well as my own personal story as an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person—to show how the experience of the intuitive writer is radically different from the norm.


Why INFJ Writers Suffer from Decision Paralysis

One of the most common problems for INFJ writers is when they become paralyzed when faced with making a creative decision about their writing. Sometimes this happens when the INFJ writer is trying to decide which writing project to start first, and sometimes it happens when they are already working on a writing project and they are trying to make a decision about which direction it should go in for the best forward movement on the project.

What’s happening when an INFJ writer is blocked in their decision-making is usually that we’re getting overwhelmed. This occurs when INFJ writers use thinking over intuition when trying to make creative decisions. Although we are strong in our thinking skills, these skills should be relegated to situations which call for straightforward problem-solving, not complex intuitive creativity. Continue Reading

New Video Course for INFJ Writers!

I just released my new video course for INFJ writers. It’s called Understanding Yourself as an INFJ Writer and it features a ton of information on common INFJ writer obstacles and how to conquer them.

It also covers:

What to do when we hit a wall in our first draft

How to stop giving away our writing time

Conquering INFJ writer self-sabotage

What to do about never feeling good enough

How to get out of research mode and actually start writing

How to trust the creative process

I made a short video with all the details about this new course:

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Understanding Yourself as an INFJ Writer

A video course for INFJ writers who:

  • Feel creatively “stuck” with their writing
  • Can’t find the time/space to write
  • Struggle with self-doubt
  • Procrastinate by doing too much research
  • *Please note that this video course contains NEW and different information from the Intuitive Writing video course, and the book, The INFJ Writer.
  • If you have already done the Intuitive Writing video course and/or read The INFJ Writer, this course will serve as a helpful complement to either of those resources.
  • You can also do this course on its own without having exposure to the Intuitive Writing video course or The INFJ Writer and that will also work.

Find out more about Understanding Yourself as an INFJ Writer in the video below…

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What Does This Course Include?

3 Videos (20-30 min. each)


1 Workbook


What Do the Videos Cover?



Overthinking and Anxiety in the INFJ Writing Process



Conquering INFJ Writer Self-Sabotage



Overcoming INFJ Writer Weaknesses

The cost of this Video Course is 49.00 usd

5 Hidden Benefits of Being an INFJ Writer

One of my students asked me the other day about the positives of being an INFJ writer. The question made me stop and think because I realized that, although we talk a lot about the struggles of being an INFJ writer, rarely do we pause to appreciate the gifts. And there are plenty of gifts, that’s for certain. So today I’m taking a little time to remind all the INFJ writers out there (as well as myself) why it’s great to be an INFJ writer. Continue Reading