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October 2019

Who Are You to Write This?

Today’s guest post comes from Ritu Kaushal, a San Francisco Bay Area-based author and the blogger behind the popular HSP and empath-centric website Walking Through Transitions. Her writing has appeared on Tiny Buddha, Sensitive Evolution, Elephant Journal and Having Time amongst others. She recently released The Empath’s Journey, a book I highly recommend that every INFJ, INFP, and empath add to their arsenal of tools on how to survive as a Highly Sensitive Person in today’s world.

Sometime last year, as I was trying to give the final push to birth my book The Empath’s Journey, someone asked me: Who are you to write this? These were their exact words. They didn’t say them with curiosity or a desire to know, but with a slashing, hurling, aggressive energy. Continue Reading

Free YA Thriller from Author Amanda Linehan – Only in October!

My friend Amanda Linehan’s YA thriller, Uncover, is free for the month of October on all retailers. I just finished another one of her books, Lakeside, a couple of months ago and it was fantastic. If you like YA at all, I recommend you pick this one up while it’s free. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the summary if you’d like more info:

Marissa wants to put this all behind her. Her best friend has been killed in a car accident, and her death has left more questions than answers. When a friend mentions a lost object that could bring some closure, Marissa reluctantly agrees to help search for it, but finds herself trapped in the dark, making all the wrong moves. Can she find her way out of the darkness?

And here’s the link to get it for free:


Happy reading. 🙂