Writing on the Intuitive Side of the Brain

Figuring out the creative process can be a difficult challenge for writers, especially writers with an intuitive temperament. Highly intuitive people tend to be neurodiverse in a way that blocks them from working in a straight line, and so when highly intuitive writers try to use plotting and planning in their writing process, it usually ends in disaster. These types of writers frequently struggle with various forms of writer’s block and blame themselves when they can’t ever seem to get a creative project off the ground.

However, the problem is not the writer, it’s the process. After over a decade of coaching and teaching these kinds of writers, Lauren Sapala developed a new way for writers to approach their relationship with their own creativity, which is through an intuitive writing process. With intuitive writing, any struggling writer can transform their creative experience and learn to love writing again.

Intuitive writing is the way people with an intuitive temperament naturally want to write, if they would just give themselves permission. Once a writer learns the deep work of intuitive writing, they will never go back to traditional writing methods again.