Many people experience fear about writing a memoir, no matter what topics they might be including in their story. But for writers who are working with controversial themes, a past history of abuse, or other emotionally-charged material, writing a memoir can be even more difficult.


This fear leads to writing blocks, which makes it very difficult to write and share a memoir with a wider audience. This workshop is for those who feel fear around writing memoir, because their memoir may contain “dark” elements, and includes strategies on how to move forward.

This workshop is for you if you are writing (or want to write) a memoir that features:


Childhood abuse

Narcissistic abuse

Alcohol or drug addiction

Toxic relationships


This workshop will also help memoir writers who are struggling with:


Anger / rage about the past

Family members who may have a strong negative reaction to their book

Extreme fear about sharing their truth

What’s the Format of This Workshop?


This is a virtual workshop on Zoom happening on:


Saturday Oct 21 from 1:00pm – 3:00 pm EST

What’s Covered in the Workshop?


The best writing process for dark memoir


How to know if you’re writing memoir or autobiographical fiction


How to work with difficult material and memories


How to present controversial themes to a wider audience


Tips on finding a publisher (and self-publishing)


How to talk about your book to other people



*This workshop will be recorded and made available for streaming after the event.

Registrants get lifetime access to the recording.*

What’s the Cost?


The cost of this workshop is $49.00 USD.