I explore shame and self-doubt, the two biggest roadblocks to INFJ and INFP creativity, and how to get past both in your writing.

I talk about the best way to shift into the intuitive space when you’re ready to start writing, and how to stay in that space for as long as you need in order to get your creative work done.

I discuss why outlining and plotting don’t work for INFJ and INFP writers, and also why we have so much trouble writing every day on a schedule. It turns out there is nothing wrong with us, we just work in a different way.

Cheryl Muir interviewed me about INFJ writers, introvert struggles, and channeling characters. You can find out more about Cheryl by following her on Instagram or Twitter, and checking out her book on Amazon.


I talk with Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed Are the Weird, about the seven big psychological obstacles that can block writers and artists from creating art, sharing their work with others, and getting free of self doubt. You can find Blessed Are the Weird on Amazon and find out more about Jacob from his website.


Karyn Kulenovic interviewed me on why empaths, Highly Sensitive People, INFJ and INFP personality types are also usually Highly Creative People, and how they can use this to their advantage, protect their energy, and thrive in today’s fast-paced and over-stimulating world.