The Successful Solopreneur is a three-week online class for intuitive personality types who are interested in launching their own online solopreneur business, or who already have an online solopreneur business and are looking to improve their results.


We will be learning how to find our best niche, build our audience, and create effective content and courses. We will specifically focus on coaching as a solopreneur for part of the course, but those who are not coaches are also welcome to join the class and have the potential to benefit from the material we will be learning.


For those who feel hesitant about starting an online solopreneur business, or who have experienced stumbling blocks in an existing business, we will also be exploring what has held us back up until this point, how to dissolve fear and other blocks, and how to move forward into a new, improved way of being a solopreneur.


Class 1: Marketing

Wed May 8

4:00 – 5:30 pm EST


Finding Your Best Niche

Creating Effective Content

Building Your Workable System

Class 2: Coaching and Courses

Wed May 15

4:00 – 5:30 pm EST


How to Get Clients

How to Work with Clients

How to Create Courses that Sell

Class 3: Selling

Wed May 22

4:00 – 5:30 pm EST


Conquering Your Fear of Selling

Crafting Solid Offers

Shifting your money mindset

In-person attendance is not required.


All class members will receive lifetime access to all Zoom recordings of the class.




Class members will receive a weekly assignment (emailed the day after class) that invites them to level up their own solopreneur skills.



A private Facebook group will be available to all members of the class, and will remain open indefinitely as a place for class members to connect with each other and offer support as we continue to navigate the journey of being a solopreneur.


Joining the class Facebook group is NOT mandatory.

This is a completely optional portion of the class.

Registration for this class has ended.