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Lauren Sapala intensively coached writers for five years before she discovered one of the biggest obstacles holding them back: a rock-solid resistance to marketing. Regardless of the wealth of marketing tools and resources available to writers and artists today, most highly creative people still feel suspicious, confused, or just plain turned off by marketing and sales. The hidden reason behind this resistance is a deeply rooted fear that marketing always results in a loss of integrity for the writer.

Almost all highly creative people are also Highly Sensitive People, and Highly Sensitive Writers feel this possible threat to their integrity intensely. The fear they feel around marketing more often than not takes root in limiting beliefs that shut them down before they even begin. Lauren Sapala shares stories and strategies to help Highly Sensitive Writers shift their mindset and open up to new ways to promote their work. She helps all writers realize that—due to their Highly Sensitive nature—they might just make the best salespeople of all.

“Read Firefly Magic…It will forever change the way you do marketing.”

— JENN GRANNEMAN, author of The Secret Lives of Introverts

“Lauren Sapala is a real artist, a Highly Sensitive Person, and one hell of a smart writer. What she teaches in this book goes straight to the heart of fears that block the efforts of many introverted types. Read this book and learn from someone I respect. She walks her talk.”

— JACOB NORDBY, author of Blessed Are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives

“I deeply appreciate Lauren’s call to integrity and doing only what sits right with you as a Highly Sensitive Writer. Her invitations to “put myself out there” and see marketing as a way to help people—not manipulate them—were exactly what I needed to hear.”

— BO MILLER, creator of The INFJ Personality Show