What Is the 30-Day Writing Challenge?

The 30-day writing challenge is a silent writing program that runs

through the 30 days of November that can function:


As a support to your NaNoWriMo writing goal of reaching 50k words


Or as an alternative to NaNoWriMo if you prefer to go at your own pace

How Does it Work?

Lauren provides a one-hour silent writing session

via Zoom every day of November


You are welcome to join any and/or all of the sessions


If you can’t make a session, you are welcome to write

on your own that day and count that toward your personal writing goal


Once you register, you will receive Zoom links

to all the sessions and a link to join the Facebook group

(Note: you do not need to join the FB group to be part of the program)


What Is a Silent Writing Session?

A silent writing session is just what it sounds like.

We meet on Zoom to write together, silently, for one hour.

Lauren opens the session with a brief, guided meditation

to get us in the creative zone, and then we write!

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Are We Meeting Anywhere Else?

A 30-Day Writing Challenge Facebook group

will also be open to members where Lauren will

post daily check-ins, you can share your progress,

ask questions, and meet other writers in the group.

What Is the Schedule of Silent Writing Sessions?

Sun – 1:00pm EST


Mon – 8:00 pm EST


Tues – 1:00 pm EST


Wed – 6:00 pm EST


Thurs – 8:30 pm EST


Fri – 3:00 pm EST


Sat – 1:00 pm EST

When Is the Last Day I Can Sign Up?

Oct 31, 2022

How Much Does It Cost?

*Registration has ended for this event