This course is designed specifically for writers who:

Are afraid to start writing anything, or are currently not writing at all.

Start a lot of writing projects, but finish very little.

Have trouble focusing on working on one story at a time.

Want desperately to be a “real writer” but feel like an imposter or a fraud.

Feel frozen/numb or agitated/upset every time they sit down to write.

Constantly hear the voice of their inner critic while writing, which sends them into self-doubt and despair.

Feel a deep sense of shame about their writing and like they are a “failure” as a writer.


If any of the above describes you, then I suggest you start with my 3-video mini-series:


Video #1: Struggling with Procrastination and Perfectionism? Don’t Make This One Big Mistake.

Video #2: Can’t Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Writers? It’s Not Your Fault. It’s the Way You Were Raised.

Video #3: For Writers, There’s a Hidden Cause of Procrastination and Perfectionism That No One Talks About.


YOU Are a Writer is a pre-recorded video course for writers who are struggling with severe procrastination and perfectionism issues. It is designed for writers who identify as intuitive, empathic, Highly Sensitive, and creative. It is a “right-brained” approach to dealing with severe levels of procrastination and perfectionism that draws on feminine energy, intuition, and the emotional side of life.


There are also a few people who this course is NOT for. This course is NOT for you if:


You have mild levels of procrastination and perfectionism and are looking for an organizational or time management system.

You are looking for a system that will push you to work faster and harder and achieve more.

You feel uncomfortable with emotions and energy work and prefer to work mostly with logic and rational analysis techniques.

You are completely uninterested in excavating any part of your past or exploring any part of your childhood wounding.

I talk more in the video below about why I developed this course, what it covers, and what to expect from it:





The course includes:

8 videos

8 lessons (with journaling exercises attached to each)

1 recommended reading list




Video and Lesson #1

Toxic Procrastination: Part I

Discovering the difference between “normal” procrastination and toxic procrastination, and how toxic procrastination relates to the fear of self-expression.


Video and Lesson #2

Toxic Procrastination: Part II

How toxic procrastination is tied to childhood wounding around codependence, and how codependent patterns in families trigger the fear of self-expression.


Video and Lesson #3

Crippling Perfectionism: Part I

The most common inner critic thought patterns, and the narcissistic parent as a root cause of crippling perfectionism in writers.


Video and Lesson #4

Crippling Perfectionism: Part II

The high-stakes battle for self-worth that writers with crippling perfectionism go through, and the split between the private self and the public persona that holds them back.


Video and Lesson #5


How strong boundaries create a strong foundation for a healthy creative life, and how to work with boundaries.


Video and Lesson #6

Letting Go of Expectations

Revealing the unmet psychological needs behind the statements of the inner critic, and how to move forward with more realistic goals.


Video and Lesson #7

Working with Energy Fields

Learning the energy field scale, and how to move out of the lower fields (shame and guilt) into the higher fields (acceptance and love) to access your best creative self.


Video and Lesson #8

Cultivating a Writing Practice with Love

Moving from an outcome-focused writing practice to a process-focused writing practice as we deliberately and deeply surrender to the creative journey.


Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you work through at your own pace.


How Much Does It Cost?


YOU Are a Writer is $149.00 USD

Buy now!