A Writer’s Retreat Made Especially for Weird Writers

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A couple of months ago I posted Writers, Poets, Misfits and Other “Weird” People: It’s Time to Stand Up and Own It and I got an overwhelming response. So many people emailed me to say that they have always felt out of place all their lives, that they never knew where they fit in, or even if they ever would. They were surprised and relieved to find that others felt the same way. Suddenly, a whole new world had opened up to them.

This is an experience writers share with me again and again. They have always felt like aliens, and like something was probably horribly wrong with them. But now, for the first time in their lives, they are ready to own what they are. That might mean embracing psychological labels like introvert, highly sensitive, or empath; simple labels like nerd or artist; or more complex labels like multipotentialite. But whatever labels you choose, or even if you want to avoid labels altogether, the meaning is the same. More and more writers are stepping into their true selves, and embracing their unique gifts. More and more writers are ready to use those gifts to help serve the world.

The man behind the inspiration for my hugely popular Weird People post is Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed Are the Weird. Jacob is particularly talented at creating spaces (both virtual and in real life) where weird people can come together, get inspired, and get real on how they want to move forward in their lives. His latest mastermind project is the Unleash Your Writer Soul retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona in May. Both Jacob and I will be there, teaching, writing, sharing, and holding space for writers and artists who are finally ready to break through and access the deep wells of creativity waiting for them deep down in their weird souls.

If this calls to you, answer the call. Both Jacob and I are adamant that you should only sign up for this if you’re getting a clear “YES” from your heart. If it’s not the right time for you right now that’s cool too. But if you feel a magnet pull toward this opportunity, then it’s time to get on the train because we will be leaving the station shortly and opportunity windows like this are only open for a limited time.

For more information on the retreat, here is the link:

Unleash Your Writer Soul

And if any of you have questions before you sign up, feel free to email me at writercitysf@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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