Why You Should Read This Blog

SAMSUNGBecause this is a blog all about writing.

It’s kind of like trying to run a blog all about relationships, or money, or travel. There’s a ton of information out there, and not every bit of information works for every person. My goal is to help first-time writers find their way through finishing that first manuscript, and to help others navigate the confusing process of finding an agent and publishing their work. I’ve been writing for eight years now and I’ve found that every new stage of the game brings new challenges. I’m writing the blog I wish I had stumbled upon years ago: a go-to source to tell me what to expect and how to live my best life as a writer.

The focus of this blog is on 3 areas.

How to Write Your Book
I’ve read a lot of writing tips in my time—from write what you know to never use passive tense. But I didn’t have problems when it came to what I should write about or what kind of language to use. What I really wanted to know was more jumbled up and confusing. Like, do I have to have a clear idea of my book before I start it? Or, what if I end up writing the sections out of order, is that okay? And of course, how do I even make time in my already crazy schedule to write a whole book?

Writing a book is a huge task. It takes an incredible amount of time, attention and energy. It’s like any other journey: You have good days, totally awesome days, and then days when you question everything and want to give up. This area of the blog addresses all the different kinds of days, and hopefully most of the questions that pop up along the way.

How to Find Your Readers
Landing literary representation can be a valuable first step in this direction, but what do you do if you’re self-publishing? Or going with an indie publisher? How do you market your work and hone in on the audience that will really appreciate it? And what if you’re still trying to get an agent and only getting more depressed each day as you see those dreaded rejections showing up in your inbox?

Your readers are the people who love your stories and want more of them. They are the people who will tell their friends about your books and support you in writing the next one. They are the ones who will buy a copy of your latest work just to urge it on others, saying, “Trust me—you have got to read this!” These people do exist, and they are out there waiting to discover your writing. They just don’t know it yet. Part of your job as a writer in this day and age is to track down the best methods to find and connect with these people, your treasured audience. This area of the blog is dedicated to you learning what methods will work best for you.

How to Stay Sane While You Do It
Getting your book finished, getting it published, and then getting the word out are hard enough—but you still have to live day-to-day life as a writer. Which means when you tell people you’re a writer they will sometimes try to get you to write their life story for them, or they’ll give you funny looks and ask you if you have a real job, or they’ll immediately ask you what you’ve published and when you say nothing they won’t say anything at all and that’s almost worse than anything else. You will constantly question yourself, you will always see the world differently than most other people, and a lot of the time you might feel like your values are horribly out of sync with the rest of society.

This last area of the blog will give you the encouragement and support you need to move through all of those feelings. It will help you get through the bad days (writer’s block, feeling like a failure), celebrate the good days (you finished the last chapter of your book, an agent asked to see a full manuscript), and use all the days in between to your best advantage.

Being a writer isn’t easy. It’s a road less traveled that takes grit and guts.

As writers, it’s up to us to help each other along the road.

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