This One Thing Is the Hardest Thing for a Writer to Do…

frogWhen I was writing my first novel I would have killed for a Fairy Godmother to pop into my life and reassure me that I was on the right track. Every week I took a quick inventory of how many pages I had written, but even though the page count was mounting, my confidence levels seemed to be dropping.

The plot was a mess, for one thing. It was all over the place. And were my characters developing at all? I couldn’t tell. I had a fuzzy idea of how it should end, but no one to act as a sounding board to tell me if it was a good idea…or a very bad one. I was lost. And I had no one to turn to, no one to give me the least little bit of guidance on how to get out of the creative jungle.

When I take on new clients this is the state I usually find them in. Confused, scared, and struggling. Some of them need a complete manuscript evaluation. Some of them are searching for an awesome developmental editor. And some of them just need to talk it out to know they aren’t alone, and that yes, their idea is a good one and they should keep pursuing it.

But asking for help is the hardest thing for a writer to do.

Many of us are introverts and/or fiercely independent. We have a hard time letting people in, or letting people see our work. A lot of us are women and we’ve grown up having to prove how self-sufficient we can be to our families, or the rest of the world. Asking for help and knowing where to find it can be a serious challenge for us. Plus, what if we ask someone for help with our book and then they want us to change it all around and we’re not comfortable with that? Then what?

And that’s where a good writing coach comes in.

Some of the things I help my clients with are:

Manuscript review and evaluation
Sounding board sessions to kickstart creativity
Brainstorming sessions to help with social media and marketing
Guidance on how to start and maintain a blog
Feedback on query letters and nonfiction proposals
Talk therapy on getting past blocks, perfectionism and writing paralysis

After releasing The INFJ Writer in May 2016 I’ve gotten a slew of emails asking if I would ever consider providing a one-time package deal for writers who just need a little help, or who are interested in dipping their toes in the water with a writing coach, but aren’t yet sure about making a full commitment.

So I put together a couple of packages for just this purpose.

If you’re a new writer, a seasoned writer, or even just an occasional writer, and you want to see what the coaching experience is all about, this is for you.

For the next 60 days I’m offering these two special Fall 2016 packages:

40 pages of your story, full developmental edit
One 1-hour phone session follow-up
Unlimited email support for one week
Price: $199

20 pages of your story, full developmental edit
One 30-minute phone session follow-up
Price: $99

Take the leap. Email me now at to talk details and get started. And if you’re still wondering what exactly to expect from a writing coach you might want to check out:

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