The Joyful Writer Video Course

Who Is This Class For?


This class is designed specifically for writers at all skill levels who:


Are afraid to start writing anything, or are currently not writing at all

Are in the middle of projects but feel overwhelmed and despairing about how to finish them

Feel bored or disappointed with their writing

Overthink their creative ideas until they feel paralyzed and can’t move forward

Feel like their inner critic is a bully they can’t escape

Constantly judge themselves for not being “good enough” or “productive enough” as a writer

Feel like they are a failure as a writer



If any of the above describes you, then I suggest you start with my 3-video series:


Video #1: One of the Biggest (and Most Dangerous) Myths in the Writing Community

Video #2: Why Are Writers So Susceptible to Toxic Ideas About Creativity?

Video #3: Keeping Yourself Small: What Is This Damaging Pattern Plaguing So Many Writers Today?



The Joyful Writer is a pre-recorded video course for writers who are struggling with feeling a lack of inspiration, as well as high levels of anxiety and resistance around writing. It is designed for writers who identify as intuitive, empathic, Highly Sensitive, and creative. It is a playful, lighter approach to writing that focuses on exploration, intuition, imagination, and expansion.


Who Is This Class NOT for?


This class is NOT for writers who:

Are primarily interested in learning about the business side of writing

Are under a time crunch to use their writing to bring in income right this second

Are looking for specific editing tips, revision strategies, or story structure strategies

Are mostly interested in information about publishing, marketing, and selling

I talk more in the video below about why I developed this course, what it covers, and what to expect from it:





How Does It Work?


The course includes:

4 videos (20-30 min each)

8 meditation video/audio files (5-10 min each)

4 “Common Anxiety Trigger Points for Writers” reference charts

What Does the Course Cover?


Video #1

Reconnecting to the Wisdom of Your Heart

Discovering the difference between the voice of the brain and the voice of the heart, and learning how to shift away from the critical energy of the brain and back into the loving energy of the heart.

Video #2

Conquering Your Inner Critic

Overcoming the two big personality obstacles that block most writers: self-deprecation and impatience. Tips on how to recognize each obstacle in your own personality, and strategies to overcome both.

Video #3

Reconnecting to Yourself as a Writer

Identifying our negative beliefs about why we can’t be successful writers, and using interactive visualizations to reconnect to our true creative essence.

Video #4

Healing Your Writing Trauma and Anxiety

Learning about the most common anxiety trigger points for writers during each of the four stages of the writing process, and how to calm and soothe these triggers. Additional visualization techniques for setting creative intentions for your future writing path.



Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you work through at your own pace.


What’s the Cost?


The cost of this class is $119.00