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writer’s block is real

Yes, Writer’s Block Is a Real Thing

About 75% of my clients first contact me because they feel “stuck.” I’ve only heard a very few actually use the term writer’s block but it all amounts to same thing. During that initial phone call they tell me that they’ve lost enthusiasm for their project, they can’t seem to make themselves write, they haven’t written in weeks/months/years and they’re miserable because of it. Added to their feelings of hopelessness is a hefty dose of self-judgment and guilt. They know they just have to “sit their butt in the chair and get it done” they tell me. They just need to “grit their teeth and get through it.” And they usually finish by saying, “Real writers show up every day whether they want to or not, just like any other job.”


If I believed all of these statements I would probably give up on writing too. It sounds really painful. Continue Reading