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Single Most Determining Factor of Success: Your Future Identity

Angel ColumnI got sucked into looking at old photo albums last weekend.

As I flipped through the glossy pages I leaned closer to examine this young woman in all the pictures. Was that really me? I could hardly believe it. Twelve years ago I was a party girl living in Seattle with no attachments. I was posed with people I haven’t talked to in years, wearing clothes that I wouldn’t dream of wearing today. My only goal in life at that time was to get myself to the bar every night. Continue Reading

Limiting Beliefs Kill Creativity, Writers Beware

Tiny Grass Is DreamingI worked as an office manager for many years, for many different companies. It was my job to make sure people had the workspace they needed when they were hired. When I started working for a successful, affluent company I noticed something very interesting that happened with a lot of the new employees. Continue Reading

7 Signs You’re Living Your Life Purpose

If you’ve ever looked into becoming self-employed, striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, or thought about quitting your day job to pursue your dreams, you’ve probably run across that classic piece of advice: Do what you love and the money will follow.

And immediately after that, you probably ran across dozens of people who disagreed with that advice. Continue Reading