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The Dark Side of Being a Writer

Mad RabbitsIt’s the hidden underside of writing that most writers don’t talk about. None of us relish thinking about it. And all of us wish we never had to deal with it at all. But it’s the shadowy truth that every working writer comes up against at some point in his or her career. Continue Reading

The Power of Handwriting

Technology has helped writers every step of the way. The printing press revolutionized the distribution of books, the typewriter increased speed of writing, and computers have radically changed everything—from the way we edit to the way we publish. But could we also benefit from occasionally doing things the old-fashioned way? Continue Reading

Stephen King, Bullies, and Conquering the Voice of Self Doubt

In the past week I’ve had two different writers tell me the same thing. They started out with a great idea for a story and then, coincidentally, that night ended up watching a movie with a plot that almost exactly matched their idea. Both writers told me they were discouraged and thought about scrapping their idea. After all, they now had confirmation it had already been done, right? Continue Reading

Peel Back the Mask of Your Protagonist

You think you know your main character so well. You know where she came from, where he went to school, the name of her chosen dagger, and why he never goes to bed before three in the morning. But if you think you know everything there is to know about your character, think again. To write really juicy, complex characters you’ve got to get in there and peel back their masks. Continue Reading