How to Launch an Online Creative Business



Intuitive people who want to launch an online coaching, writing, and/or teaching business, but have not yet started.

Writers who want to add more streams of income to their writing business in the form of coaching and/or teaching.

Coaches who want more clients overall, and who also want clients that feel more in alignment with them.

Creative people who feel the calling to write a non-fiction/self-help book, and who might be interested in coaching or teaching people the concepts in that book down the road.

INFJs and INFPs who are dissatisfied with their current job and want to shift into working for themselves.

How to Launch an Online Creative Business is a pre-recorded video course designed for people of the INFJ and INFP personality type (although it can really be used by anyone). It teaches you how to build the big pieces of your business, and then how to fit those big pieces together over time at a pace that feels comfortable to you and with an intention that feels authentic and connected to your heart.

This is a course for people who have always imagined themselves writing, mentoring, and forming real relationships with the people in their audience. It’s a great fit for people who are passionate about topics like psychology, creativity, trauma and healing, intuition, spirituality, metaphysics, personal growth and/or any type of energy work.

There are also a few people who this course is NOT for.


This course is NOT for you if:

You totally hate writing in any form and you have no interest in being a writer at all.

You really don’t like people and you want to have as little interaction with people as possible.

You already have been in business for a while, you feel like you know the ropes and you’re a pro.

You’re mostly interested in the tech side of setting up a business (website design, what brand of webcam you should buy, etc.).

You want to launch a business selling retail products online (an Amazon or Etsy store, for instance).

I talk more in the video below about why I developed this course, what it covers, and what to expect from it:


The course includes:

9 videos

9 accompanying lesson plans

9 accompanying 10-step action plans




Video #1

Getting Started: Blogging to Build Your Business

Discovering the simple way to create blog articles that bring your people to you.

Video #2

Growing Your Email List: Authentically Engaging with Your Audience

Why your email list is one of your most important assets and how to increase it using a strategy that’s a win-win for everyone.

Video #3

Creating an Effective Sales Funnel System: How to Set Up Multiple Streams of Income

How to create meaningful content and products in a circle of creativity that sustainably nourishes you AND the people you’re serving.

Video #4

Social Media: Networking vs. Audience Building

How to spend less time on social media overall while increasing the value it brings to your business.

Video #5

Coaching: Creating a Successful Coaching Practice

What to expect when you first start coaching, using your intuition to be selective about your clients, and finding a price structure that works for you.

Video #6

Writing a Self-Help Book: Creating an Accessible, Affordable Teaching Packet for Everyone

The nuts-and-bolts of the actual process I’ve used to write all three of my self-help books.

Video #7

Teaching Online Classes: Creating Dynamic Learning Groups and Communities

How to let your audience help you determine the material for your classes, and how to teach intuitively.

Video #8

Fear and Emotional Obstacles: Creating a Connection to Your Own Courage

The 3 main fear blocks that intuitive people tend to experience when launching their own business, and strategies to dissolve them.

Video #9

Shifting Your Mindset: The Psychological Shift from a Traditionally-Employed to a Self-Employed Mindset

A look at the belief systems that can help or hinder self-employment, and what kind of timeline to expect as you make the shift.

Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you work through at your own pace.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $199.00 USD

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