My New INFJ Book Available Now!

My new book, The INFJ Revolution, is now available! Three years ago I published The INFJ Writer, and since that time I’ve received emails and messages from INFJs and INFPs all over the world, describing many different life experiences, but such similar struggles when it comes to living as an intuitive person in a non-intuitive world.

So many of us grapple with anxiety, shame, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and feeling like an alien or an outcast in a society that clashes with our deepest values and most dearly held ideals. We have always felt different, but we never knew the reason why that difference between us and everyone else was such a roadblock in our lives, keeping us stuck and always feeling a few steps behind, or out of step altogether.

In The INFJ Revolution I talk about overcoming the anxiety and shame, embracing our role as healers on the planet, and learning how to work with energy to finally step into our power and become the leaders we were always meant to be.

If you are Highly Sensitive, an introvert, or a feeling type, this book is for you. If you are intuitive, empathic, psychically and/or energetically sensitive, this book is for you. Most importantly, if you are an INFJ or an INFP who has always doubted and questioned and struggled with yourself, then this book is for you.

The INFJ Revolution is available for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon now.

It’s time for intuitive people to unite, because it’s time for all of us to use our gifts to change the world.

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