Why Marketing Is Harder than Anything Else for Creative Introverts…

Being a creative introvert is hard.

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Because even though we LOVE to research and learn new things and challenge ourselves, when it comes to showing our work to the world and actually doing that dreaded thing called “marketing,” we tend to retreat back into our shells.

If this sounds like you—whether you’re a writer, a painter, a dancer—or any other kind of creative introvert, then check out the interview I did with Cat Rose on her Creative Introvert podcast. We talked about:

How to stop forcing ourselves into social media boxes that don’t fit us

How to drop the “rational” voice in our head that says marketing needs to look a certain way

The importance of boundaries on social media

How we can dissolve the pressure to be “perfect”

How to find your Unique Spiritual Purpose

You can listen to the show here:

Creative Introvert Podcast

And I do urge you to check out Cat’s other episodes as well, she really interviews some great people with helpful information for any kind of introverted artist and/or business person.

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