• What is ‘Loving Meditations for Writers’?
  • Loving Meditations for Writers is a bundle of ten meditations designed to support you through the writing process, from beginning to end. Each meditation can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the others. You can repeat a meditation as many times as necessary, and you can pick and choose which meditation might feel right for you on any given day.
  • Loving Meditations for Writers can be viewed in video form, or you can choose to use the meditations as audio files. Each meditation is approximately five minutes and can be used anywhere, whether you’re writing at home, traveling, or on-the-go
  • How Does It Work?
  • Before your writing session, choose the meditation that calls to you. Take a few minutes to listen and/or watch the meditation and then begin your writing.
  • What Are the Meditations?

What’s the Cost and Where Do I Purchase?

  • Loving Meditations for Writers is $20: