Fear Is Not Our Natural State

How do you know when fear is in the room with you? A racing heartbeat, constricted breathing, and shaky hands might be a few of the obvious signs. But what about subtle fear? The kind of fear that doesn’t show up to save you from something, but instead creeps in quietly to sabotage your plans?

We know that type of fear by its alias:


When anxiety enters our mind it wraps its long, slimy tentacles around our perspective and distorts it. We concentrate on limits and obstacles, and we start to believe that the worried, nit-picky voice in our head makes perfect sense.

It’s like in the movies when the hero suddenly hears the voice of a loved one in pain calling out to them from the sinister forest. Don’t follow that voice! It’s a trick. It’s the voice of fear and illusion, and its only goal is to hem you up and get you off the path.

When you cultivate self-awareness you learn to identify the voice of fear quickly.

When you nourish your own creative consciousness you learn to dissolve fear as it arises within you.

So how do you spot fear the moment it shows up?

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Pay attention to your emotions.

Every time you think that you can’t do something because of this certain thing, or until that certain thing happens, fear is talking and you are listening. Every time you feel nervous and stressed about the future, fear is projecting you out of the present moment and you are letting it. Every time you pass judgment on someone else, fear is dimming your vision and you are agreeing to it.

The goal is not to make sure that these things never happen. They happen to all of us. We all worry that we can’t pursue our dream until we have enough money to do it, or get nervous about where we’ll be next year in our lives, or judge someone without thinking.

We all hear that voice crying out to us from the sinister forest, and in that first split second we all believe it really is a loved one who needs our help.

The goal is not for us to never be tricked again. Instead, the goal is to maintain conscious awareness to the best of our ability. The goal is to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions so that we recognize fear when it makes its trickster appearance.

The goal is to constantly work to shift ourselves out of fear and into our true creative essence as human beings.

It takes practice. A lot of practice. And sometimes you will feel like fear pulled your strings all day long and you never got out from under it. But that’s why the universe gives us new days. Each time the sun rises you get another chance.

So who’s calling the shots for you today? The beautiful, brilliant, creative shining being that is YOU?

Or fear?

You decide.

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