What exactly does a writing coach do?

I get asked this question a lot.

When I started out in this business I did what most writing coaches do. I acted as a beta reader and I did a lot of editing. I helped writers identify goals and nail down strategies to meet them. I kept writers accountable to themselves and their word counts.

But after the publication of my book, The INFJ Writer, all of that changed. Suddenly I was getting comments and emails and tweets and messages from all across the online world from other INFJs (and a whole lot of INFPs). I found out there are a ton of intuitive introverts out there who are struggling to express their real selves, and writing is the way they want to do it.

So…if you’re looking for a traditional writing coach—someone who will whip your manuscript into shape and keep you on track with word counts—I’m probably not the person you’re looking for.

But, if you’re looking for a writing coach who will:

Help you discover and nurture your natural intuition as part of your creative process…

Help you embrace and protect your empathic gifts…

Help you find your real, true, honest voice as a human being…

Help you connect with your characters deeply and intimately…

Help you align with your life purpose and accept the path of that purpose as it unfolds in right timing…

Then I’m your person. I am so definitely your person.

Sessions with me are a mix of writing/creativity exploration and talk therapy. My writers bring me everything under the sun—whether it’s a problem with a stubborn character or real-life relationship drama. My view is that everything in a writer’s life affects that writer’s work and so everything is welcome at the table.

I do sessions over the phone, or occasionally over Skype for international clients if our schedules line up across time zones. Phone and Skype sessions both last one hour.

At this time I only do single sessions (each session is one hour):

1 SESSION = $150

Contact me today to see if we could be a good fit.