What IS the Creative Commitment Challenge?


The Creative Commitment Challenge is a four-week live class designed to support writers who are participating in NaNoWriMo, and also offer an alternative to those writers who are not doing NaNoWriMo but are interested in radically changing their writing lives for the better.


The Creative Commitment Challenge offers 30 days of live, silent writing sessions over Zoom that members of the class can join at any time. I’m leading every session in person, and I’m encouraging class members to use the sessions in whatever way works best for them.


The Creative Commitment Challenge isn’t about producing a certain word count, or even showing up for every session. Instead, it’s a creative experiment. What would your writing life look like if you committed protected time to it every week? How much more progress would you make with your writing if you had a supportive group behind you, cheering you along?


That’s the Creative Commitment Challenge. It’s a complete gamechanger for writers who feel discouraged, full of self-doubt, or just plain stuck, whether that “stuckness” has only happened recently or been hanging around for years.


What Kind of Writer Do I Need to Be to Join?


The Creative Commitment Challenge is designed for all levels of writers, whether you’re a total newbie, haven’t written in years, only do personal journal writing, or combine your writing with other forms of art. It can also help writers who have written many books and done NaNoWriMo a dozen times. It’s not about your skill level, it’s about committing protected time to your writing every week and seeing the difference in your creative life.


The Creative Commitment Challenge is specifically built for writers who:


Are afraid to start writing anything, or are currently not writing at all.

Would love to be recognized as a “real writer” but feel like an imposter or a fraud.

Feel fear and/or dread every time they sit down to write.

Constantly hear the voice of their inner critic when writing.

Feel a deep sense of shame about their writing and like they are a “failure” as a writer.


I talk more in the video below about the Creative Commitment Challenge and how it can change your writing life on the most fundamental levels:



How Does It Work?


I’ll be leading live, silent writing sessions over Zoom every single day for the entire month of November. Each session will be one hour, and sessions will occur on the schedule below (please note that all times are in Pacific Standard Time (Seattle, WA USA); you can use the time zone converter here if you want to confirm which sessions you can attend):











(Time Zone Converter link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html)

(Please note that if you are in the state of Arizona in the US, or in another time zone that does not observe Daylight Savings, these times will change for you when Daylight Savings goes through in the US at 2:00 am on November 1, so please make your calculations accordingly.)

Members of the class are welcome to participate in any and/or every session. With this class, you make your own schedule according to what works for you. I am guaranteed to be at every single Zoom session so the space will always be open for you when you need it.


I will also be holding live Q&A sessions every week to check in with the class as a group, answer questions, and offer teaching on common writing blocks and how to move past them. Q&A sessions will run approximately 90 minutes and be held over Zoom on Mondays from 5:00-6:30 pm PST.


Each weekly Q&A will be recorded and made available within 24 hours for streaming. Class members will have lifetime access to all Q&A recordings (five sessions totaling 7.5 hours of teachings).


A private Facebook group will also be available to all class members. This is the place where we can openly talk about our creative frustrations and struggles, support each other, and cheer each other on. The Facebook group will stay open and active even after class has officially ended, functioning as a supportive sounding board for all members who are interested in continuing relationships within the group.


When Does Class Start?

Class starts on Sunday, November 1 and our first live, silent writing session over Zoom will begin at 11:00 am PST that day.


Registration for the Creative Commitment Challenge has closed!