This class is designed specifically for people who:

  • Identify as empaths and/or as highly intuitive (or need more information on both)
  • Have consistently struggled in life with boundaries, anxiety, low energy, and low self-esteem
  • Feel called to help people, but are also afraid of people taking too much/taking advantage of them
  • Have consistently struggled with high sensitivity that feels almost debilitating at times
  • Feel alone, weird, “too different,” and like an alien in the world
  • Have deeply struggled with the global events of the past few years (covid, politics, etc.)
  • Feel ready to claim and own their natural gifts as a healer
  • Feel ready to move into a new stage of life with more personal power, happiness, and abundance

I talk more in the video below about why I developed this class, what it covers, and what to expect from it:


The course includes:

  • 6 videos (30-40 mins each)
  • 6 sets of journaling prompts (30 prompts in total)
  • 1 recommended reading list


Video #1

Managing Your Empathic Sensitivity and Intuitive Abilities

Growing up as an empath/intuitive (and the trauma that comes with it)

Accepting and honoring your empathic nature and intuitive abilities

Identifying your sensitivity threshold and your own unique intuitive body cues


Video #2

Getting Free of Energy Vampires Forever (Part 1)

The definition of an energy vampire

The differences between a narcissist and a “needy person”

Why empaths and intuitives consistently attract these kinds of people   



Video #3

Getting Free of Energy Vampires Forever (Part 2)

Red flags and tell-tale signs of narcissists and needy people

How to heal the pattern of attracting energy vampires

How to spot psychological games before they trap you


Video #4

Working with Your Wounded Healer

(Part 1)

The wounded healer in comparison to the conscious empowered healer

Why we repeat old dysfunctional patterns in relationships

Why wounded healers inappropriately merge with the energy fields of others


Video #5

Working with Your Wounded Healer

(Part 2)

What merging looks like and how to disentangle yourself from someone else’s energy

The subtle ways we give away our power

How to hold our own power in any situation


Video #6

The Awakening Process

What the awakening process looks like

The 3 key areas of life that the awakening process affects

Essential practices to move further into the journey.




  • *Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you work through at your own pace.


The cost of this course is $149.00 USD