Are You a Writer Who’s Lost Your Inspiration?

Nothing feels worse than being a writer who has lost all inspiration. Every time you sit down to write you feel like the well has run dry. You feel empty, disappointed, disconnected, and like your inspiration will never come back. Is it possible to recover from this type of situation? Even though it feels hopeless when you’re going through it, it IS possible to get your inspiration back as a writer. However, it’s not as simple as using good writing prompts or putting yourself on some sort of schedule to enforce discipline. Inspiration tends to shy away from too much structure and too many rules, so using these types of strategies may only compound the problem. I’m teaching a new, live class this May called “The Joyful Writer” and these are exactly the types of writer problems we’re going to be tackling in the class. Yes, it IS possible to move from bored, uninspired, and upset with yourself as a writer to joyful, curious, and ready to explore your own creativity again. But…it’s not something you can do alone. Too many writers try to live out their writing life as a one-person island, and while this feels safe, it ultimately … Continue reading Are You a Writer Who’s Lost Your Inspiration?