Announcing “Loving Meditations for Writers”

Many of you have joined my classes in the past and experienced the guided meditations I do before each silent writing session, and some of you have also joined me for my November programs, which are almost solely focused on silent writing, also with meditations.

I’ve heard from people for a while now that they would love to have access to the guided meditations I do, as they’ve found them helpful for opening up creativity, calming anxiety before they start writing, and blessing the creative space.

So, I decided to create a bundle of meditations for writers to use whenever they need a creative boost or on a daily basis to get into the writing flow. And they are now available!

Loving Meditations for Writers is a bundle of 10 meditations designed for writers of all levels and all different needs. The bundle includes meditations to:

Open your heart chakra
Balance the energy of your third eye
Protect you when you’re working with intense/negative characters and content
Clear limiting beliefs
Repair self-worth
Call in the characters who are ready to work with you right now

…and more.

Loving Meditations for Writers is only $20 and available to download, stream, watch via video or listen via MP3, so you can use them in whatever way feels right to you, at any time.

You can get the whole bundle here:


I’m really excited about these meditations because I’ve gotten such great feedback on them during my classes. I think they’ll be extremely helpful to the writing process for a lot of writers.

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact me here.

Happy writing!

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Intuitive Writing, a six-step online video course for INFJ and INFP writers who struggle with traditional writing methods. She is also currently offering a free copy of her book on creative marketing for INFJ and INFP writers to anyone who signs up for her newsletter. SIGN UP HERE to get your free copy of Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers.

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