7 Blogs that Have Changed My Life

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I focus on writing inspiration and living a life full of joy and creative fulfillment. I’m lucky enough to be nourished in my own creativity by a small number of brilliant bloggers I’ve discovered in the past year. Each of these writers brings something totally unique to the creative table, and each of them inspires me every week to do more, be more, and believe in myself.

I strongly suggest you subscribe to everyone on this list to kickstart your own creative passion.

Margit’s Musings
Margit shows us her writing-life-in-progress through flash fiction, poetry, NaNoWriMo debriefs, character sketches, and more. She writes gritty speculative fiction, from sci-fi thrillers with romance and technological horror, to dystopic urban fantasy. Margit’s blog is consistent, creative, and honest about the nuts-and-bolts of writing. And as a bonus, she also offers editorial services.

When I found space2live it felt like finding water in the desert. Brenda Knowles explores every angle and aspect of what it means to live life as an introvert, and how to honor your introversion and recharge from the inside. Her writing is hopeful, curious, and deeply meaningful. She excels at reminding us how important it is to follow our own hearts to discover our own unique creative purpose in this world. I truly savor each of her posts.

KatanaPen is written by Setsu Uzume, who says, “Wielding a pen and wielding a katana both take dedication and serious intent. If you’re a warrior, or want to write about warriors, this is the writing blog for you.” Setsu pushes me to reach my creative potential by never letting me forget how important it is to sit my butt in the chair and write. Through reading KatanaPen I keep my enthusiasm going strong in order to show up every day for my writing.

I Make Stories. The Blog of K.M. Alexander
K.M. Alexander recently released his debut novel, The Stars Were Right, and his blog is an honest blow-by-blow of what it takes to write and publish novels and how he’s making it happen. His blog includes a project progress tracker that shows exactly where he’s at in terms of creative momentum, and extremely helpful reviews of tech products for writers and other creative types (like Scrivener and Scapple). K.M. is always the one who introduces me to the new and innovative in the writing world.

Paul Sutton Reeves
Paul is a blogger after my own heart. He might be one of the few people out there who loves literature more than I do. His blog is a dynamic mix of reflections on the realm of literary fiction, and musings on his own works-in-progress. He’s recently started a series of interviews with other bloggers called “If You Could Only Save 8 Books…” and it’s compulsively readable. If you love classic and contemporary literature, this is definitely the blog for you.

From the Desk of Kimberly Hill
I got hooked on Kimberly’s blog because of her no-nonsense, practical approach to writing. She’s a writer who really walks her talk, which means: She writes every day and she’s serious about improving her craft. Her advice to writers is straightforward, reliable, and extremely helpful. Taking the few minutes to read one of her posts has the power to change your entire writing day for better.

The Work Blog: A Blog for People Who Make Stuff for a Living
Written by Chris Creed, this blog never fails to make me smile, wonder, think, and dream. Chris pushes me to move out of my comfort zone, expect more from myself, and pursue a life filled with passion, creativity, and challenge. Every time I read one of his posts I find myself nodding along, saying, “Yes, yes, yes, he’s really got something there. I feel it!” This is an extraordinary blog, full of life-changing thoughts and questions.

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