5 Best Blogs for Creative Introverts

Inspire Portal
by Jo Malby

Described as “wisdom and wellness for conscious creatives,” Inspire Portal is built for readers looking for inspiration, healing, creative juice, and self-empowerment. Articles range from Roddy Doyle’s Ten Rules for Fiction to How Tai Chi Can Improve Your Writing to 10 Creative Benefits of Spending Time in Nature and much more. As Jo says, “Inspire Portal is a place to inspire your work and world, awakening you to who you really are, behind the protective layers and masks that hide your glorious, innate being.”

If you’re a sensitive, reflective artist who rejuvenates by turning inward, Inspire Portal is the place to help you do just that.

By Brenda Knowles

This was the first blog I ever discovered that is 100% focused on introversion. For me, it remains the best. Brenda provides articles chock full of practical advice on how to navigate our loud, busy world as an introvert, while giving ourselves the space needed for an introvert’s soul to truly unfold and blossom. Her articles frequently include stories from her own personal journey as well, adding another layer of richness and meaning to each post.

If you’re a dreamer and a feeler who loves exploring emotion and ways of empowerment, Space2Live should be on your must-subscribe list.

Ebb and Flow
By G.R. LeBlanc

Ebb and Flow is by haiku poet, G.R. LeBlanc, who describes herself as a “proud introvert and bookworm who loves to learn about the Universe.” Ebb and Flow covers the writing process, how to ignite creativity and divine genius, and gives tips for pushing ahead, getting it done and getting those words down. It’s written in the same spirit of balance and cycle that we see naturally occurring in nature. After reading a few posts I guarantee you will feel more calm, hopeful, and excited about your writing.

If you’re a poet in any form, love the natural world, and are interested in the spiritual side of life, Ebb and Flow is a blog made just for you.

Sheep Dressed Like Wolves
By Andy Mort

Andy Mort is a musician, songwriter, and blogger who “helps encourage, inspire, and equip other introverted and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) looking to find meaning and variety in their own lives.” If you’re an introvert or a Highly Sensitive Person or both, Andy’s blog will be invaluable to you. He examines the myths and realities surrounding introversion and gets at the truth in a profoundly thoughtful way.

If you’re an introvert or HSP who is also passionate, driven, and committed to living your full potential, Sheep Dressed Like Wolves is a definite bookmark to return to again and again.

By Judy Roberts

I discovered this little-known gem a few months ago and I share every single post that comes through my inbox. On Judy’s About page she describes the intention of the blog to “talk about such things as the prudent use of technology, the importance of order, coping with distractions, socializing and conversation, finding quiet spaces, making the home a quiet place, and living in harmony with nature.” QuietKeepers hits a home run on every single one.

If you’re interested in building a quiet life, or just adding a little more quiet to a life that is currently very loud, QuietKeepers can help.

And if you’re interested in learning more about creative introverts and how we work check out my book:

The INFJ Writer

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