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January 2016

How to Write Super Shareable Content for Your Author Blog

Meeting of StylesWriters have a natural talent for communication, but when their blog posts are failing to bring in traffic, the problem is that they’re usually not communicating their ideas as well as they could. There are a few simple fixes every writer-turned-blogger can use to boost general interest in their writing, get their posts shared, and up the number of new visitors to their site.

Here are three simple, yet powerful, ways to spread your own unique brand of writing love: Continue Reading

Unseen: How Women Writers Struggle with Feeling Invisible

Every woman has to make a choice in her day-to-day life. The choice is not usually conscious, and it is almost never spoken of to others. It is intimately intertwined with her self-esteem, her sexuality, and her emotional history. The choice is very simple, but each option brings the same amount of baggage.

For every woman, starting somewhere in our teenage years, it comes down to this: Continue Reading

Toxic People: Why So Many Writers Just Can’t Say No

You don’t make friends with people so much as you try to swallow them whole, and then regurgitate them back out onto paper.
—The Writer’s Husband

I’m the writer, and the quote above is from my husband. It might sound funny now, but at the time I was really offended that he would say such a thing. I wasn’t some smarmy writer worming my way into inner circles, drinking in people and conversations only to skewer them later in my fiction…was I?

But I had to admit, he had a point. Continue Reading