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November 2014

Essential Skills for Writers: Having the Courage to Make Up Your Own Rules

Star Shaped SunglassesRecently I was reading through one of the many writing blogs I subscribe to and I came across a list of do’s and don’ts for writers. Some of the advice came from editors, some from agents, and some from famous, bestselling authors. One of the “rules” said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Any time two characters are sitting around talking about another character the scene is dead.”

I instantly panicked. Continue Reading

Why Indie Writers Market Better and What You Can Learn from Them

TV HeadIf you’re a Gen X, Gen Y, or even one of the Baby Boomers, you grew up surrounded by traditional advertising. And chances are, you can’t stand it. That’s because traditional advertisers use a very simple formula that most artists find to be a huge turn off. They push one agenda (buy our product) and try to blanket the biggest population they can with it using the power of persuasion.

When writers and artists talk about how they hate marketing and advertising, they’re usually talking about this very method. It feels smarmy, insincere, and pushy. It’s the thing that drives writers and artists away from things instead of toward. Continue Reading