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January 2014

Security, Sex, and Power: 3 Keys to Unlocking Character

Do you really know what motivates your characters? I mean beyond trying to solve the mystery of the plot you’ve woven around them, or being reunited with the person you’ve torn from them in the interest of suspense. What is the constant energetic force in your character’s life that drives him or her to do the things they do? Continue Reading

Why You Finishing Your Novel Is Exactly What the World Needs

Our competitive culture encourages the idea that we are all separate. That in order to achieve and succeed we must top everyone else with an idea that no one has ever thought of before. And as a result, we tend to feel defeated or insecure by the success of others. This energy of fear pushes us into a critical, skeptical perspective toward our writing. We end up focusing our efforts on trying to impress rather than trying to share. Continue Reading