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December 2013

What to Do BEFORE You Reinvent Yourself in 2014

Everyone has creative goals they want to hit in 2014, and the internet is full of advice on how to make that happen. But sometimes we get tunnel vision when it comes to our future success. We’re focused so intently on what we want to achieve that we lose perspective on the present. Continue Reading

7 Blogs that Have Changed My Life

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I focus on writing inspiration and living a life full of joy and creative fulfillment. I’m lucky enough to be nourished in my own creativity by a small number of brilliant bloggers I’ve discovered in the past year. Each of these writers brings something totally unique to the creative table, and each of them inspires me every week to do more, be more, and believe in myself. Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways to Make Writing a Habit

Build a Writing Kit
Sometimes I carry a small canvas bag, and sometimes I use a portfolio binder. You can choose whatever container works for you, as long as you have your laptop, notebook(s), and pens or pencils all in one place and ready to go. Continue Reading

How to Stop Living in Fear

When you begin your quest to live a life full of adventure and joy it’s very likely your ego will start freaking out. That’s because the ego’s first priority is to protect you from the world, which it sees as threatening, separate from itself, and scary.

Continue Reading

5 Mistakes for INFJ and INFP Writers To Avoid

Expecting Perfection
INFJs and INFPs are idealists, dreamers, and visionaries. This is really cool when it comes to seeing the potential in a person or project, but it can become a huge obstacle when we refuse to settle for anything less than perfect in our finished manuscript. Continue Reading