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You Know You’re a Writer When…

SAMSUNGYou never outgrew your imaginary friends. In fact, they ended up moving into your college dorm room with you.

If it came down to choosing between books and oxygen, you would have to think about it.

You’re seriously bummed time travel hasn’t been invented yet, and you’re probably not going to get over it.

If you don’t write for a while your brain ends up feeling like a huge zit that needs to be popped.

You’ve gotten severe jet lag before, from visiting a planet that doesn’t exist.

You actually know what it’s like to experience paralyzing hand cramps from writing too hard and too long…on a regular basis.

While others fantasize about walking the red carpet, you fantasize about your photo on the back of a book jacket.

You’re a certified black belt in the art of procrastination.

When you hear the phrase, “a life well-lived,” you immediately think about finishing your novel.

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9 Things Writers Don’t Talk About

SAMSUNGWe have trouble writing.
Even though it’s the thing we love to do the most, it’s also really, really hard to do it at all.

We think really weird thoughts.
At any given moment our brain could be filled with a circus run by evil mermaids, or a fast-talking salesman who also happens to be a pigeon wearing a top hat paired with an evening dress. That’s just the way we roll.

Our self-esteem rides the rollercoaster.
We love books, that’s why we’re writers. But every book that we read, we compare to our own writing. Sometimes this makes us feel awesome. Other times, we end up wanting to open a vein.

We hide our nervous tics.
Sometimes we pace around when we’re thinking through ideas or we talk out loud to ourselves. I actually pace and talk to myself, and snap my fingers compulsively when I really get into the creative flow. If you’ve ever done this sort of thing in front of a non-writer, you already know the funny looks you’re going to get.

We also hide our obsessive side.
When writers become fascinated by something it kind of takes over our life. We will read every book in a series, even if it’s 20 books long. We will research every detail of our current obsession until everyone around us is sick of it. And of course, we all have our own little rituals when it comes to actually writing…

Sometimes we get so excited about ideas that our eyes blaze, our hands tremble, and our speech is set to “rapid-fire”. We can’t help it, our intensity is part of us. But for most of our lives we’ve been told to tone it down. We don’t mean to be too much. We just get really, really excited sometimes.

We are sensitive.
We care deeply about our stories. Our characters are real people to us and we love them, even if we hate them. We talk about cultivating a thick skin and learning to take criticism, but inside, we can be bruised very, very easily. And we are good at hiding our bruises.

We find most of average-daily-life totally boring.
That’s why it’s so delicious to jump into the fun of J.K. Rowling’s world, or the darkness of H.P. Lovecraft’s. The shit that goes on in imaginary worlds is actually INTERESTING. If there were no aliens, unicorns, secret agents, Prince Charming, or talking animals to discover then life just wouldn’t be worth living.

Secretly, each of us plans to be the next Stephen King.
We might pass our writing off as a “hobby” or tell people we’re only doing it “on the side” but every one of us daydreams of publishing our work, getting our books out there, and becoming a household name. Even if we don’t share our dreams with just anyone who comes along, part of being a writer is dreaming big. It comes with the territory.

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Know Your Type, and Then Sit Down to Write

SAMSUNGWhat type of writer personality are you? Knowing your specific type can help you make significant progress on your novel or story. If you know what you are, you’ll have the key to how you work the best.

Based on the Jung Typology test each different personality type is assigned 4 letters. For instance, I’m an INFJ. That stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. There are 16 types overall, but a significant portion of creative writers fall into the category of the Intuitive Feelers. Check out the creative writing types below and see if you can spot your personality: Continue Reading