I offer a variety of different types of coaching sessions. Browse the list below to find out what type of writer you are and which one might be a good fit for you.



Commitment-level = Low

In these types of sessions I talk with writers about their characters and help them tease out the details. We focus on each character’s background, personality, possible archetypes, physical appearance, recent history, family members, friends, enemies, belief systems and moral code.

Good for writers who:

Have an idea for a story or the beginning of a story but aren’t sure how to proceed

Want complex, fleshed-out characters with realistic motivations

Have at least one character in mind already

Works with Single Session, Basic and Premium Packages.



Commitment-level = Low

In these types of sessions we talk through the emotions that are coming up for the writer, what they mean, and what kind of belief or fear they might be attached to and how that’s affecting the writer.

Good for writers who:

Are having a lot of trouble getting started

Have written something but can’t get past the discomfort of sharing it with the world

Are writing memoir that contains sensitive material about their past or their family

Works with Single Session, Basic and Premium Packages.



Commitment-level = Low

This one is for the writer who has a nagging little voice at the back of her mind whispering that she has a bigger purpose in life and it’s time to fulfill it. I work with these writers on organizing and tackling immediate writing goals, and also long-term big picture strategies.

Good for writers who:

Feel strongly called to help others through their writing

Are interested in teaching workshops, starting a nonprofit, or launching an online community

Have an intuition of what they want but are having a hard time envisioning it

Works with Single Session, Basic and Premium Packages.



Commitment-level = Medium

In my Selling & Marketing 101 sessions I help writers brainstorm ideas related to growing email lists, learning new social media tools, choosing the right writer’s conference, reaching out to bookstores, and anything else that comes up.

Good for writers who:

Already have a published (or self-published) book (or books)

Want a stronger online presence

Want to feel excited about marketing instead of dreading it

Can work with Single Session, but is most effective with Basic and Premium Packages.



Commitment-level = High

This type of session focuses on the manuscript. I read the whole manuscript twice and make comments on every page. We then use the sessions to go through the work page-by-page.

Good for writers who:

Have an entire sloppy first draft but feel completely overwhelmed about starting revisions on it

Need to untangle their storyline, flesh out characters, and cut bloated sections

Are in it for the long haul (edits take time, especially on a first draft)

Only works with Premium Package. The process usually takes a minimum of six months, with us doing sessions about once every two weeks and then giving the writer the two weeks in between to work on the edits we talked about.


Each session lasts one hour and is usually done over the phone, although I can also do Skype or Google Hangouts if you’re outside the US.

If there’s something in there that sounds like it might work for you, please let me know and we’ll schedule a consultation call. Initial consultations are free of charge and last about 30 minutes. Please contact me at for details.


Match a Pricing Package with Your Type of Session(s):

Pay-as-You-Go Single Sessions

$135 = 1 session


$375 = 3 sessions

Premium  Package

$500 = 5 sessions


Contact me today to see if we could be a good fit.