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Writing the Sloppy First Draft and How to Edit

Each Writer Has a Unique GPS: Are You Using Yours?

During a recent coaching call one of my clients asked me if it’s important to have each scene meet a specific goal that contributes to the overall story. He said he was a bit worried, because sometimes he felt he “just needed to talk on the page” and so he didn’t start every scene with a preconceived goal in mind.

He wanted to know: Do writers need to outline their goals before they even start writing? Continue Reading

The Most Important Thing You Could Hear before Starting NaNoWriMo

PantherI first heard about NaNoWriMo in 2009, and at that time, I didn’t know what to think about it. It seemed like a crazy thing to do. As I talked to more writers about their feelings on NaNo I realized how many loved it…and how many hated it. I couldn’t say that I felt either, but I was suspicious. Did it work? Was it worth it? And maybe most importantly, were the results any good?

Five years later I get it. Continue Reading

5 Secrets to Hitting Your Writing Goals

Fish and BugMaking a to-do list sounds like a great idea…at first. But because you’re a writer, your to-do list probably ends up including about a hundred items or more. When your brain sees this gigantic roll of tasks it starts to shut down. Your eyes glaze over and you suddenly need a nap. Continue Reading