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Marketing for Writers Who Hate Marketing

Are You a Writer Who Hates to Blog? You’re Not Alone (and it’s NOT the End of the World).

In order to be a successful writer in today’s online world there are certain things you have to do.

If you want to get your name out there then you have to play the game in a certain way.

The internet offers limitless possibilities and it is up to you to choose which ones work for you.

One of the statements above is true, and the other two are false. Can you tell which is which? I’ll give you a hint: look for the words “have to.” Whenever you hear the words “have to” your red flag radar should start bleeping at you that something is off. Continue Reading

What Self-Pubbing Authors Need to Know about Getting the Best Book Cover

Rainbow Polaroid

Studies have proven again and again that humans make purchasing decisions based on emotional factors. This probably happens most frequently in the glittering online jungle known as I read recently that Amazon is the only search engine people use with the mouse in one hand, and a credit card in the other. For me, a regular Amazon customer, I don’t even need my credit card. The site has my payment information recorded and it’s as simple as one click to send a new book to my Kindle.

If you’re a writer, and a reader, I know this is true for you too.

Emotional decision making + split-second purchasing power =

You better have a damn good book cover. Continue Reading

How to Write Super Shareable Content for Your Author Blog

Meeting of StylesWriters have a natural talent for communication, but when their blog posts are failing to bring in traffic, the problem is that they’re usually not communicating their ideas as well as they could. There are a few simple fixes every writer-turned-blogger can use to boost general interest in their writing, get their posts shared, and up the number of new visitors to their site.

Here are three simple, yet powerful, ways to spread your own unique brand of writing love: Continue Reading

Why Indie Writers Market Better and What You Can Learn from Them

TV HeadIf you’re a Gen X, Gen Y, or even one of the Baby Boomers, you grew up surrounded by traditional advertising. And chances are, you can’t stand it. That’s because traditional advertisers use a very simple formula that most artists find to be a huge turn off. They push one agenda (buy our product) and try to blanket the biggest population they can with it using the power of persuasion.

When writers and artists talk about how they hate marketing and advertising, they’re usually talking about this very method. It feels smarmy, insincere, and pushy. It’s the thing that drives writers and artists away from things instead of toward. Continue Reading

5 Simple Tips for the Writer’s Website

If you’re a writer with your own website (or a blog supported by WordPress or another platform) you probably have the basics down when it comes to building a compelling online presence. This post is just to remind writers that sometimes we all miss the obvious. By implementing these fast and simple strategies, you can powerfully boost the impact of your site. Continue Reading