After years of coaching writers who struggled with procrastination issues, high sensitivity to criticism, and crippling self doubt, I realized that almost every one of my clients was an INFJ or INFP. I used the insights I gained from these clients—as well as my own personal story as an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person—to show how the experience of the intuitive writer is radically different from the norm.

The INFJ Writer helps scared writers, self-doubting writers, and writers who haven’t written anything for years. If you’ve always struggled with criticism, or even just getting words down on the page, The INFJ Writer will help you build the healthy creative life you’ve always imagined for yourself.Amazon Button (via

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In the The INFJ Writer I discussed my years as a raging alcoholic when I was in my early 20s. During that time I lived through my shadow side, the dark and dysfunctional extrovert who only came out when I was drinking. Between the Shadow and Lo is the novel based on those experiences. It’s raw, it’s gritty, and it’s a book that exposes a side of myself that I’m not proud of, but that exists nevertheless.

For fans of transgressive fiction and addiction lit, it’s an interesting ride.



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