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5 Things You Should Know before You Hire an Editor

I routinely receive inquiries about my editing services from writers who are just about ready to hit the “publish” button, and writers who have a very rough draft and need to get it to the next level. What I’ve noticed is that most of these writers have a pretty vague idea about what they’re looking for in an editor. They’re unsure about pricing, expectations, and what they need to do to be part of the process. Continue Reading

Why Writers Should Listen to Readers, Not Publishers

We Built this CityIf you are a writer looking to publish, chances are that you’ve done your fair share of research online about what the publishing world is looking for. And you know that this world encompasses not only publishers, but agents, fiction journals and magazines, and readers. It’s very easy to believe that if you can figure out “what publishers are looking for” then you can be that thing, and make your writing career a success. Continue Reading